Commander's Message

January 2021

Greetings Legion Family:

Welcome to 2021!  That’s right, 2020, a year that will live in infamy, is now in the record books.  2021 promises to be brighter and will likely allow for greater success in our accomplishment of our American Legion mission.  Soon our Posts throughout our Department (and hopefully around our country) will be open and active.  We will once again be able to enjoy the comradery that comes with working for and socializing with veterans at our Posts.


As I write this on New Year’s Eve, I look back on the trials, tribulations, and successes of the past calendar year.  While 2020 seemed to be dominated by the corona virus, divisive politics, unemployment woes, and various paper product shortages, it is important to remember how much was accomplished by the American Legion and, in particular, Post 372.  Our Fallen Heroes Post continues to grow in membership.  Our Sons Squadron made great strides in establishing a Junior Shooters program and has added the requisite number of Junior Shooters to field a team.  Our Auxiliary has been revitalized is gaining new members monthly.  Our Riders Chapter has continued to raise money for the organizations that are important to the veterans and their families in our community, in spite of lock downs and social distancing.


For the remainder of our fiscal year, our path is clear.  We must continue to welcome new members to all of our Legion Family organizations.  We must diligently work to establish a Fallen Heroes Post 372 home.  We must remember that our mission is one of service to our fellow veterans, their children and families, and our Mandarin/St. Johns Community.  We must all explore new and innovative ways to encourage membership and create capital to fund our veteran projects and services.  We must reach out to ALL our members, current and future, on a regular basis so that all feel connected to and appreciated by our Post family.


To accomplish what we must will require the assistance and dedication of all of our Family members.  I implore each of you to volunteer to help.  You needn’t serve as an officer or committee member for your help to be appreciated.  Simply be available for whatever time and talent you can volunteer…even if all you can muster is and hour here or fifteen minutes there.  Every little bit helps. Regularly read the newsletters, Post website, and event calendars to see what events are upcoming and be creative in discovering how you can help.  Your help will be appreciated, and you will find satisfaction in what we as a Post have accomplished.  Be a part of our success!


The greatest key to our success is for as many of our members as possible to PARTICIPATE.


I am looking forward to a fun and successful 2021.  I know you will all do your very best to make our Post the very best.  I am proud to be associated with all of you.


My sincere wish is for each of you and your families to have a Safe, Prosperous, and Healthy New Year!


For God and Country,



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