Commander's Message

April 2021

Greetings Legion Family:

Why the American Legion Family?  This past weekend, I ran into half a dozen veterans while shopping at Lowes.  I introduced myself and asked if they belonged to the American Legion.  One veteran answered he was not sure what the Legion was.  Another said they discriminated against him and it left a bad taste in his mouth.  He explained that his service dates did not meet the eligibility criteria.  I explained that the criteria had been updated and he now met the criteria. (He will be at our next meeting.)  Two others said they didn’t want to travel that far.  When I pointed through the trees at the Lowes parking lot and said, “We meet right over there.” They both said they would like to join.  Still another said he’s never been asked. The final veteran asked, “Why?”  Fortunately, I was prepared with, “…your fellow veterans need your help, and maybe you will need theirs.”


I wonder how many times we ask people to join us without being able to tell them why they should.  Our Legion in Florida consists of over 130,000 Legionnaires in over 300 Posts.  Also in those Posts are thousands of SAL and Auxiliary members.  The Legion has over a million members worldwide and makes up a formidable voting block that consistently lobbies for better treatment for our veterans, higher standards for veteran care through the Veterans Administration, and educational opportunities for veterans and their families.


The Legion Family is involved in youth programs like Oratorical, Boys and Girls State, Youth Baseball, Youth Shooters and others, all designed to instill wholesome values like patriotism and respect for others in the children of our veterans and our communities.


The Legion Family is constantly accomplishing fund raising events to support the many charitable works the Legion does.


So when someone asks you, “Why the Legion?” be sure to tell them, “the veterans need them, the veterans’ children need them, and America needs them.”


Our Post 372 continues to grow.  We are within just a few members of reaching our 2021 membership goal of 210.  If you have not renewed, please do so immediately.  If you know someone that should be a member of our Legion Family, ask them to come and belong to one of the friendliest and active Legion Family Posts around.


Let me finish by saying that I am extremely proud of what our little Post has accomplished and continues to accomplish.  I am proud to belong to The American Legion and especially Post 372.  We need you all. 


Best wishes for a wonderful spring and a fun and exciting year ahead.

For God and Country,



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