Commander's Message

September 2020

Greetings to our Post 372 Legion Family.  These are challenging times and I know we will rise to the challenge if we remain focused upon our four pillars. These are:  Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children and Youth.  Please review this excerpt from an older Legion magazine that illustrates the four pillars:

“…a Viet Nam War veteran who knows firsthand the cruel realities of homelessness now leads one of the nation’s most dynamic efforts to help severely wounded troops find their way home from war…Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:…a Chinese-American veteran from New York City closely monitors legal proceedings to assure that detainees from the war on terror are given fair opportunities to plead their cases…In a college corridor in Maine, a patriotic veteran stands with arms folded and stops students from walking across a U.S. flag laid out on the floor.  He is threatened with arrest before the so-called ‘art’ project is removed….a group of veterans in Alabama takes an annual motorcycle ride to a summer camp for children with cancer.  Terminally ill youngsters thrill to the rumble of the big bikes.  They try on helmets.  They twist the throttles.  The veterans drop off a check for $10,000 before heading out.”

This is our American Legion.  This is why we are here.  As our Legion Family gets ready to take on this new fiscal year, we do well to remember our mission. 

The challenge for this year will be to continue our important contribution to our veterans and our community in spite of the restrictions and shutdowns imposed on us due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  To accomplish this, we must think “outside the box.”  The key will be heightened communication utilizing every means at our disposal.  We must maintain constant contact with our members and our community through print media, social media, virtual meeting technology such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, and reaching out via telephone and visits to accomplish regular buddy checks.

Please review our Post and District calendars regularly and make a point to participate in whatever you are able to.  I am happy to report that members of our Post and Auxiliary participated in a Friday dinner at Post 316, and our Legion Riders participated in an event sponsored by Post 88 to benefit the Sulzbacher Center.  I know many more of our Legion Family members have participated in other events throughout the summer.  We must continue participating and, in fact, increase our participation.  Additionally, we must create events and opportunities for our own Post to sponsor activities to help raise funds for our operations and the various charities we support.  All are welcome to present ideas.  Remember, think “outside the box.”  All ideas will be reviewed.  Nothing is too strange or too different.  Let’s be creative.

In the spirit of creativeness, I have asked the President of the Auxiliary and the Commander of our Sons Squadron to have their members participate in a joint Legion Family Meeting on October 9th.  I know we will have an exciting agenda for this meeting, so please get with your respective Legion Family (Unit, Squadron, Post) with ideas you would like to see on the agenda of this unique joint meeting.  (The Unit and the Squadron will conduct an abridged monthly business meeting prior to the joint meeting).

Let’s have a great September and I will look forward to seeing you ALL in our October meeting.

For God and Country,

Joe Maltese, Commander

Mandarin Fallen Heroes Post 372

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