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 Fallen Heroes Mandarin Post 372
General Membership Meeting
June 14, 2018

The General Assembly meeting of American Legion Post 372 of June 14, 2018 was held at the Mandarin/St Johns Elks Lodge #2866 with 21 members present.  


The meeting was promptly called to order at 7:00pm by Commander Painter.  


Opening ceremonies were conducted. 


The Commander recognized Past Commanders Franklin Hunt and Dan Hempsall and Chapter 372 Director and Squadron 372 Commander Joe Maltese.


Roll Call of Officers


Roll call of Officers was held, and it was determined that a quorum was present.  Service Officer Litsky was excused.


It was announced that Executive Officer Frank Nichols resigned from the Executive Board due to his work schedule.




The May 10, 2018 minutes are posted online at


Motion to approve the minutes of the May 10, 2018 meeting as posted online was made and seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


The June 7, 2018 Executive Board minutes were read.




Reading in of New or Transferring Members























Motion to approve new and transferring members was made and seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Report


The Finance Officer read the Finance Report.


Motion to approve the Finance Report, subject to audit, was made and seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


The Commander introduced Joe Maltese, Squadron 372 Commander and Chapter 372 Director to speak.


Officer’s Reports


The Commander’s report is attached.


The Adjutant’s Report is attached.

Program Reports


The PROJECT: VetRelief report is attached.


Old Business  


The motorcycle raffle was discussed. Eleven thousand dollars has been raised to conduct the raffle. A motorcycle and tickets will be purchased upon approval of the raffle with the goal of launching the raffle at the Annual Department Convention. . There will be 1,250 tickets sold at $20/each, with the drawing on or before March 19, 2019 at the conclusion of a Poker Run.


Motion to proceed with the Motorcycle raffle was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


Chapter 372 Director Joe Maltese spoke about the Chapter’s June 10th Poker Run to benefit PROJECT: VetRelief. He noted that the run was very successful, and it raised $2,585.37.


The Membership Rally and Memorial Day Ceremony yielded $334 in donations and three transferring members into Post 372.


Executive Board Member Steve Sullivan reported that the recycling program has earned $121 with the first load of aluminum.


The new Volunteer Tracking form is attached for member’s use.  This form should be used throughout the year to track any and all volunteer hours by Post members. These hours are consolidated and sent in to Department via our Annual Consolidated Post Report (CPR). This data is compiled and ultimately presented to Congress by the American Legion Commander to show the impact the Legion has on Veteran’s lives and our local community. Members can also submit hours online via


The Commander announced that the Mutual Aid Agreement between the Mandarin/St. Johns Elks Lodge and American Legion Mandarin Post 372 has been accepted and signed by both parties. Copies have been placed in the DropBox.


New Business


The Commander announced that there will be a membership Rally on Wednesday, July 4th from 11:00am to 2:00pm at Hagan Ace Hardware and asked that members contact the Vice Commander if they are interested in volunteering or donating items.


A budget planning meeting for the 2018-19 Fiscal Year was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Program Chairs are asked to turn in any budget requests for their programs as soon as possible. The final 2018-19 Budget will be presented to the General Membership at the July 12, 2018 meeting.


The Commander and SAL Commander Maltese discussed a potential property for a new Post Home. An engineer has agreed to inspect the building for free. There are no zoning issues that would interfere with the application for a liquor license, which would cost $500/year. More details will be forthcoming as this opportunity is explored.


The Commander reported that the Adjutant's email address, that she purchased, is not enough to conduct all the Post and District Business she handles. She can only send 500/day and she exceeds that amount several times per month. He noted that she needs an additional mailbox to conduct Post Business at a cost of $48.96/year. She will continue to pay for the mailbox that she uses for both Post and District business.


Motion to purchase an additional email address at a cost of $48.96/year was made, seconded, and pass unanimously.


The checking account was discussed. Incoming Finance Officer and the Incoming Vice Commander/Adjutant will be the only two members authorized to sign checks because Comrade Rodriguez will hold two signatory positions. Post By-Laws have taken this potential scenario into account and Incoming Vice Commander Barry Litsky was nominated to become the third signatory on the account.


Motion to approve incoming Vice Commander Barry Litsky as a signatory to Post 372’s checking account was made, seconded, and pass unanimously.


The Adjutant spent $38.54 for stamps and postage to mail Post 372’s approved Constitution and By-Laws to Department.       


Motion to reimburse Adjutant Rodriguez $38.54 for stamps and postage was made, seconded, and pass unanimously.


For the Good of the American Legion 


The Commander thanked the following Officers, who are stepping down, for all their dedicated work for the Post:


          George Comeaux................................................... Finance Officer

          Brian Lawn........................................................ Sergeant-at-Arms

          Dan Hempsall....................................................... Judge Advocate




There is a new Post Volunteer Tracking Form available to track volunteer activities. It is available on the website and will also be available at every meeting


The Volunteer Opportunity Form is also available online and at every meeting. If you are interested in volunteering on a Post Program or Committee, please fill it out and return it to the Adjutant


The Commander stated that the Post needs a Children and Youth Chairman. He noted that if a Legionnaire is not interested but their wife is, the wife can join the Auxiliary and serve on the Post’s Children and Youth Committee.


The 50/50 drawing was held, and Jim Hughes won $50, with the Post’s $50 being earmarked for the  Building Fund. Comrade Hughes donated $20 of his winnings to the Building Fund.


The Commander reminded members that the Post has a recruiting incentive program where members are eligible for a quarterly drawing for a $25 gift card if you bring in one new member and a quarterly drawing for a $50 gift card you if you recruit five new members. The last drawing of the year would have been at this meeting, but no one qualified for either drawing.


Upcoming Events


  • The next Executive Board meeting will be held on Monday, July 9th.


  • The next General Membership meeting will be held on Thursday, July 12th.


  • The next Riders meeting is Sunday, June 17th at 10:00am. Meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Breakfast is available for $6.00 beginning at 9:00am.


  • The next Auxiliary meeting is Thursday, June 28th at 7:00pm. Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month. Dinner is available for $5 per person as a fundraiser for the Auxiliary and is open to anyone.


  • The next S.A.L. meeting is Thursday, June 24th at 7:00pm. There is a “Meet and Greet” at 6:30pm.  Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month.



Closing ceremonies were conducted. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Sheri Rodriguez

Sheri Rodriguez