Fallen Heroes Mandarin Post 372
General Membership Meeting
September 13, 2018

The General Assembly meeting of American Legion Post 372 of September 13, 2018 was held at the Mandarin/St Johns Elks Lodge #2866 with 19 members present.  


The meeting was promptly called to order at 7:00pm by Commander Painter.  


Opening ceremonies were conducted. 

Sickness or Distress


Martin Schwartz, Jim Hughes, and Sheri Rodriguez are all facing health issues.


Roll Call of Officers


Roll call of Officers was held, and it was determined that a quorum was present. Vice Commander Litsky, and Executive Board member Dan Hempsall were excused. Executive Board member Franklin Hunt was absent. Mandarin/St. Johns Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Steve Easton joined the meeting to give a brief report.


The Adjutant reported that there was a quorum.



The Adjutant reported that the August 9, 2018 minutes are posted online.


Motion to suspend the reading of the minutes of the August 9, 2018 meeting and approve them as posted online was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

The September 6, 2018 Executive Board minutes were available for distribution.


Motion to suspend the reading of the Executive Board minutes of the September 6, 2018 meeting was made, seconded and passed unanimously.




  • Chapter 194 September 29, 2018 Poker Run Flyer

  • Veterans Beer Club Networking Event Flyer

  • The Mission Continues Volunteer Opportunity at Alden Road Exceptional Student Center Flyer

  • Pow Wow Flyer from the Cherokee of Georgia

  • Letter from Michael McDaniel with Post 372’s unapproved Constitution and By-Laws for resubmitting upon correction.

  • September Issue of Department of Florida’s Legion Link

  • Thank you card from Katie Mullaney for School Medal Award

  • Facebook Promotion Results

  • 5th District Membership Status for September 6, 2018

  • Letter from Boys State Delegate Mason Sayer

  • Letter from Boys State Delegate Franz Gilbert II


Reading in of New or Transferring Members



Motion to approve new and transferring members was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


Tammy Felix introduced herself and was welcomed to the Post.


Mandarin/St. Johns Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Steve Easton thanked the Adjutant for all her grant writing work for the Elks Lodge. He wanted the Legion to know that she has written $11,000 in grants to benefit the Mandarin Food Bank, local first responders, and foster children served by Daniel, Florida’s oldest child-serving agency located in Jacksonville.

Officers’ Reports


The Finance Officer read the Finance Report.


Motion to approve the Finance Report, subject to audit, was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


The Finance Officer reported Director’s and Officer’s Insurance covers all Post Chairmen and Officers at a cost of $460/year. Director’s and Officer’s Insurance is a liability insurance policy payable to the officers of the Post, or to the Post, as reimbursement for losses or advancement of defense costs in the event an insured suffers such a loss because of a legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as an officer of the Post. Intentional illegal acts, however, are typically not covered under Director’s and Officer’s policies.


Motion to purchase Director’s and Officer’s Insurance for $460/year was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


The Harley Davidson Raffle is underway and 632 tickets have been distributed for sale with 618 tickets yet to be distributed.


The Finance Officer’s Report is attached.


The Adjutant/Vice Commander’s Report is attached.

The Chaplain reported that he has become involved with PROJECT: VetRelief as they work with Department Chaplain Barry Roberts to begin a new suicide prevention program.

The Adjutant reported that Service Officer Litsky had three contacts last month.

Program & Committee Reports


The American Legion Riders are planning to host their next Poker Run on Sunday, October 14th. Breakfast will be served by the Elks Lodge for $6.00 and kick stands up will be 9:30am.


Marty Kaufman reported that over 25,000 stamps have been collected for the Stamps for the Wounded program. He also presented thank you cards for the Post’s donations.


Children & Youth Chair Nichole Squair reported that  she is working on a Trunk & Treat event for Halloween and will  have more details at the next meeting.


Due to family illness, Oratorical Chair Arthur Bides has stepped down and the Post needs a replacement. Please let the Adjutant know if you are interested.


Old Business  


If you know if a Veteran who needs help with yardwork please let the Adjutant know. We have volunteers ready to help.


The Labor Day Membership Rally raised $276 and we had 19 volunteers participate. We also had one member renew and received one new transfer member. The next Membership Rally will be held on Veterans Day.


The Post’s first Steak Night will be held on September 22, 2018 beginning at 6:30pm. A POW*MIA Ceremony will precede dinner at 6:00pm.


The Adjutant reported that the Veteran who needed emergency dental care has received his care and the Veteran who referred him to us for help has transferred to Post 372.


New Business


The 2018 Chili Cook-Off will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2018. The Post will need volunteers to cook.  Please see the Adjutant if you are interested.


The Auxiliary is collected manufacturer’s coupons to send to deployed troops overseas as they do not have access to coupons. They are also collecting Box Tops for Education for Mandarin Oaks Elementary. Please bring coupons and Box Tops to General Meetings and give them to the Adjutant.


Anyone interested in selling unwanted items can rent a table for $10 at the Auxiliary’s tag sale on October 20, 2018. Contact President Kathy Helmly at (904) 540-3982 or kathyhelmly@aol.com.


The Strategic Planning Committee (formerly known as the Branding Committee) needs a temporary Chair. Jim Hughes is unable to Chair the Committee until January 2019. Please see the Adjutant if interested.


Adjutant Sheri Rodriguez plans on attending the Department of Florida’s Legion College at a cost of $200.


Motion to pay for Adjutant Sheri Rodriguez to attend the Department of Florida’s Legion College at a cost of $200 was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


For the Good of the American Legion 


The Recruiting Incentive Drawing for the $25 cash prize was held. There were two eligible members: Julian Carter, who recruited one new member and Chuck Benham, who recruited two new members. Our winner was Chuck Benham,  who donated his winnings to the Post’s Building Fund. There were no eligible members for the $50 or $500 cash prize drawings.



There is a new Post Volunteer Tracking Form available to track volunteer activities. It is available on the website and will also be available at every meeting


The Volunteer Opportunity Form is also available online and at every meeting. If you are interested in volunteering on a Post Program or Committee, please fill it out and return it to the Adjutant

Upcoming Events


  1. 5th District Meeting at Post 88, Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 2:00pm. All are welcome.

  2. POW*MIA Ceremony, Elks Lodge, Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 6:00pm.

  3. Steak Night, Elks Lodge, Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 6:30pm.

  4. Executive Board meeting, Thursday, October 4th at 6pm at Edward Jones Office, 2443 San Jose Blvd #104, Jacksonville, FL 32223.

  5. 5th District Meeting at Post 283, Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 2:00pm. All are welcome.

  6. Next General meeting, Thursday, October 11th at 7:00pm, Social Hour at 6:00pm.

  7. Early Bird Dinner, Elks Lodge, November 10th from 4pm – 10pm. Details forthcoming.

  8. Membership Rally, Hagan Ace Hardware, November 11th from 11am – 2pm. We need volunteers and food donations.


The Commander presented Certificates of Appreciation to the following for all their hard work during 2017-18.

Dr. Buck O’Connor

Marty Kaufman


Closing ceremonies were conducted. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:22pm. 

Sheri Rodriguez


Sheri Rodriguez


September New Members.JPG